Taste have we lost it?

A yummy, glutenfree Mummy asked yesterday “What cake do you have” I pointed to the Strawberry & Lemon Mousse cake, pictured in the header of this blog & she replied “That’s not really a child’s cake” When I inquired as to why she said it hasn’t got any chocolate sweets & artificial gold stars on. Ahgggggggg.

Bread, a Low fodmap Diet no no?

Give me a metre of a proper french stick, a large lump of #Sourdough or a #Stilton & #Walnut Loaf, together with some tangy #cheese or #homemade pate with a side of #olives

Fodmap foods

Today I am going to list a few foods to avoid, in the next blog I will deal with the foods to avoid. Please remember, these will vary from person to person

Food, what can I eat.

Beware of were you gather your information from.  A #Google search has provided me with numerous sites dealing with Low #Fodmap lists, of #foods which are considered “OK to Eat” & those to “Avoid”

Whats it all about

So, what is it all about?  FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides Disaccharides Monosaccarides & Polyols.

The wake up call. Day One

My wake up call this morning, a cup of black tea. For today’s day one of twenty eight, in which I embark on my low Fodmap diet. After suffering from severe bloating for more years than I care to remember I have decided to try, by a series of exclusions, to try & find out…

Fodmap foods Dietary Advice & own recipes

Starting on Monday 2nd April for eight weeks I will be posting on this #blog my daily #diet & a weekly #recipe. I will also be explaining more about A low #FODMAP diet.

Taste our Food

Originally posted on TRUFFLEicious.org :
From 1st April – 30th October 2018 you can taste our fresh homemade food at The Coach House in the beautiful grounds of Great Chalfield Manor, Nr Melksham, Wiltshire. Medieval Manor House & Gardens Wiltshire You may also be able to meet our furry friends at Chalfield. Orla, Gypsy &…